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Misleading, disappointing so-called game that aims at your wallet

I installed this game with high hopes. However, after playing for some time, it soon became evident that this game was simply trying to aim at your wallet. Playing through the various levels and then always being pushed back to the fashion challenges, you often find that you need to buy a lot of the recommended items in order to go to the next level, which depletes your resources very quickly. I recharged with 30 additional dollars which were spent blindingly fast, only to end up in a looped glitch stating that I needed to pass a certain fashion challenge to proceed. However when taken to that challenge, only to be told I already passed it. In frustration I just closed the game. Not sure if this is time or money well spent.



This is awesome!

Even though it’s a purely gay male game, I’m very happy it’s so entertaining. Sure it makes you spend money if you want a special item but I find it fun and I can get lost in it for hours! The chat area is very entertaining too but for that same reason, I think there should be female characters so we can identify women 😂😂🙈. The regular chat rooms glitch SO much everyone is over it. The messages go sometimes to your original server when you have loogged in to “America “ please fix that and DM disappears whenever it wants. Other than that, pretty happy about this game

Not gay enough

Not gay enough

Ground shattering game

Such a beautiful sexy game it has combat fashion and a beautiful story I love it if I could I’d give it 10 stars don’t listen to the other reviews this games the best

Decent game

Decent game, but everything seems kinda forced not allot of being able to actually discovering how to play or a play style either. That or it’s the longest tutorial ever cause there is so much going on in this game

Not a bad game

I’m not a fan of how almost overly sexualized the game is but it’s pretty fun to play overall. There’s some translation issues too and the voice acting is... not the best. Also I’d like more body types, its either muscle or twink and I’m neither. Overall I’d be much happier if at least the sex stuff was toned down

Being gay is wrong!!!

Being gay is wrong and this game is offensive to my religion!!!

i love it buttt.....

female player love the customization and story and all the different games but seems the world chat is full of people trying to hook up or just immaturity lol would love a female version!

Please Ignore these Non binary scum bags below me!

This game is a lot of fun if you’re horny as me I recommend you this!

Just downloading *updates will be made while playing game*

Hello! My name is Maria Floudas! I’m downloading this game. I think it’s awesome that someone made this cool game. I understand in the near future LBS will be included in the near future! I’m Bisexual and married at that so this game to me is fun game only not dating game. But I like to test games and see their capabilities. I’m excited to see what types of things you can do in this game and I’ll be back with an update. I’m looking for game play and strategy. Social does not interest me but if I make a few friends the more the merrier!

Fix please to change rating

Every time I start the gameplay it kicks me out and makes me start all over!!!

New here

Love this game omg i was playing a zombie shooter game when it showed up it’s so much fun i hope to see more new things on here.

First major issue

I purchased the $49.99 gem pack. I was charged twice on my iTunes account. But only received 3280 gems once. Please refund my money or give me to other 3280 gems. Thanks. Until this point I’ve quite enjoyed this game. But I can only give 1 star at most after paying $100+ for 3280 gems.

more lgbt

the game was really boring. god i wish it could have included the REST OF US queer people. i’m a girl who loves girls and there’s like no girls in this.

Great Game, Needs Improvement

Great Game Overall!! Huge selection of costumes, good stories and characters. Some Improvements: -Battle System manual isn’t manual. It should let player decide which enemy to target -Show more of the char/buddies sprites during the battle. Especially during skills. -It’s too hard to unlock some Buddies’ costume. 75 Intimacy is going to take months and the chars we like will get stuck using the with the basic costume. -Speaking of chars, can we have more buddies and costumes for buddies? -Social menu takes literally forever to load. Can’t add any friend. Edit: Social now works perfectly! Good job! NEW Suggestion: -Give a scene or Dialog between Main Character and Honey every 5 or 10 Intimacy. And let us be able to review the scene


This game is truly, and disastrously misleading. The creators couldn’t choose whether to be a romance, action, or a fashion game and just merged it into one. The Ad for this game shows that you can pick your characters clothes and pick someone to be romantic with them, a cutesy romance game. But all it shows that it’s trying to be a different version of Dream Daddy. What could be better, is that it could focus on one type of genre, and perhaps have romance with a bit of drama so it wouldn’t be to cliche.

Try it out for yourself

I feel like that review from before was just wanting to be triggered for the sake of being triggered. The game play does lag a bit and is to be expected from a new game and the storyline is corny, and cute. I’ve played multiple games like this the only difference is that this one is with male characters which is a nice change giving I usually end up having to get my fix of these kinds of games from ones that over exploit the female figure instead of a male one. Over all I’m eager to see the progression of this game and I wish you all luck! (Also female here Incase people think my opinion would be different due to some gender thing)


My rating of this game will be two stars. Because I was very confused as what was going on in the game. First it brought me to a air port told me I would have a walk around town. But then sent me to a comic that had nothing to do with that. Then I had a fashion show. Finally after half way through the comic from going back and forth from comic to fashion. It showed me the social part of this game. That’s when I completely knew this was exclusively for gay men. I know it has gay in the name and shows only men on this “game”. But the advertisement made it seem as though this was a game and not a social net work. Confusing on weather or not it was for both genders. For the actual “game” and story part of this app. I didn’t know if this was a social forum for gay men or story line game that was for both genders. Well it turned out to be both, which I think should be fixed and advertised better if it will continue to be like that. But don’t get me wrong I had fun on the fashion but the story plots were very dull, and minimal interaction with choices or any dialogue. I feel like the fashion was fun but can tie more into the social aspect of this game. And users should see the full characters and be able to interact with each others characters. Not to mention there should be more races than Asian, Caucasian, and African American. Where is the Latinos, Germans, French, Middle eastern, etc. That would make the game a lot more fun and comprehensive. With all this said I was wondering if one could be made for women with these changes. I know it takes a lot to make a app and fully functioning at that. But this is just a suggestion, hoping to be heard.

Keep kicking people off the app

It need a new update so people can play more and chat with there friends


Like Sammyz10 said; it’s a broken and sloppy game. I was super stoked to play this as I am a gay man, especially since it’s an rpg.

Love but...

HEY I LOVE THIS APPP SOOOO MUCHHH, but the Private Message is being buggy, plz fixxx the apppl!!!

Where is the Latino

I guess Latinos aren’t included in this game. Disappointed -1Star

AMAZING, but one thing

This game is absolutely amazing! One thing is that the game constantly crashes every time I try and do a level for the story so that it can progress. Would really appreciate it if you fixed it!

Can you actually call this a game?

Played for about 2 weeks and so confused what’s the point? The “story” makes no sense, there is not actual game play when it come to combat it’s TOTALLY RANDOM, the tutorial made no sense and I’m still in process of trying to figure out what I’m suppose to do. Example- why the hell do I need to be fashionable to proceed the combat story??? The fashion part should just be removed or made into a optional thing. Who cares what one person wears if I don’t effect the story. The characters are flat, and just bland stereotypes not to mention does your actual character have a purpose in the story? Overall I would say the game has great....good....decent...ok some potential if the game didn’t try to do so much at once right from the start or have such a throw you to the wolves vibe then I could see rating more. And what’s with the load times recently. For the first week it was fine loads within seconds now it’s like 10 minutes just to start the game. Most likely gonna delete unless there is like major overhauls done.

Strange game

I played until about level 5 and then could not do anything. I don’t know why. This is a strange game. I wish I could have just dressed up the character without all the military story nonsense. Thanks for offering this, but it is not for me. Uninstalling.

Can't find the settings

Ok so I can't find the settings to change the language

Very fun, few issues

This game has been very fun. I have been playing for about three days now and the only issue I have would be the stamina recovery. I wish it would recover faster. I'm not sure how long it takes to recover one stamina point but the fact that it takes more than 5 minutes is a bit obscene. Only other problem I have with it is that the translations are sometimes messed up, but I see you guys are working on that. I love that this game gives lots of free diamonds to buy things with so it's not incredibly p2w. Thank you for making a great game and I hope to see more soon ^_^

Umm how did this thing got so many stars?

Is there a manual somewhere? This “game” makes no sense. What’s the objective? What are you supposed to do? Where’s the fun? Yea I’m deleting this. Don’t waste your memory. It is soo stupid.

It ok

It needs more races I’m Latino and they don’t have that option

Gay and Okay

It's cheesy and is kind of trying to be too many different types of games at once. Imagine your standard mobile Japanese Dress-Up/Dating Sim and combine it with really weird and boring automatic combat missions. This sums it up. That said, I appreciate its earnestly and the ability for users to actually connect with one another through chat servers. It's weirdly addictive, despite its mediocrity. Would love to see a Lesbian/WLW version of this.

Not so great

It’s fun but combat just really doesn’t do it for me


The game keeps booting me out at random points of time, and it’s stuck on story 2-10 even though I completed the steps. Not sure how to get more Touch to progress... However, in general, it’s pretty fun! It would be better once the bugs are worked out.

Not Fun and Disappointing

So, I’m a female that downloaded this game, as I am panromatic and demi- to a-sexual. This game advertises itself as a LGBT community, but I found it very unwelcoming. There is more to the community that gay men, and I know that it is called Gaydorado, but it also specifically says LGBT in its description. I would have liked more options than gay stereotypes. Speaking of stereotypes, just about everything in this game made me cringe. The plots were romance cliches and the characters were all two dimensional caricatures of fetishized gay stereotypes. The strong silent type, the buff and boisterous gym dude, the quiet office minion sidekick. I felt like this game was a parody of what it could have been. That’s not even getting into the gameplay. Let’s start with the fact that everything lagged, and I do mean EVERYTHING. The UI was unfriendly and unhelpful most of the time as well. And the gameplay itself was boring, unimaginative, and definitely not entertaining. Everything was down to luck, even if it seemed like you were guaranteed to win each level. Not to mention the there is no real point to having your own persona. You cannot interact with the characters beyond the ‘touch’ menu, in fact they don’t even know your character exists. Overall, boring, offensive, and difficult to play, among many other complaints.

Not great

To be fair, I didn’t really have a clue what kinda game this was. None of the many ads they put out described what it is, other than gay. Combat in it doesn’t make much sense. There aren’t any risks when playing, seeing as you always win and it goes on autopilot. The dress up game is also very simple/easy to win. On a positive note, there are a lot of fun clothing options in this part of the game. I’ve gotten through the first story and partway through the second one, and they’re not good. A lot of translation/formatting errors, which I can ignore, but the writing just isn’t good at all. The characters are forgettable and generic gay stereotypes. And sexual assault happens way more often as a “plot device” then it should, and isn’t taken seriously. It just feels.... gross. The only really neat part of the game is how well done all the art is. But that’s not enough to keep the game downloaded to my phone.


Good game

Fun but Please fix some things

Finally a game that makes me feel like I fit in somewhere please don’t push the stereotype there’s a lot of gay straight guys playing this so don’t make us feel awkward also my friend is Palestinian and I’m Hispanic so not having that Mexican nor Arabian character to choose from was such a bummer which almost made me delete the game. The cool clothing items are the reason I stayed. Also change the combat mechanics just a little so it can be more fun thank you for taking the time to read this hope to hear from you soon.

This is the Gayest Game

I say nothing more. It’s beautiful.

Won’t load

Stuck on loading screen. I’ll change my review when fixed.

It’s a nice game, how ever I ran into a problem

It’s an addicting game, and quite enjoyable. However the touch option to fondle a buddy, is not reloading or having a reload timer. I can’t get past episode 1 like that. I know the game is fairly new and might have problems. So I’ll gladly give it time to improve and see what great things come from it. Honestly even though I can’t get past episode 1, or level up my character, and do the story I’m finding myself having plenty of fun with all the other features. It’s like they reward you for enjoying yourself. This is a great game, with great things to come. I hope that all the little bugs and glitches, the few that are there, work themselves out soon.

Location based services

Social aspect doesn’t work properly. Needs to be improved.


It crashes a lot but yeah it’s gay

Love it, resolved

Thank you so much! I’m so excited to start playing again!!!

All the names are Illegal

I tried to put a name and all of them are illegal and I wanted to know why and if you can give me name suggestions for me to put

That forever load

The game is amazing and the community it great. You do have your random people going on and asking/prompting sex; typical skezzy hook-up app tactics but its minimal at most. But for some strange reason after the last maintenance I have this FOREVER LOAD. When I want to check someone profile/character stats, after a arena fight and even when I login I get stuck with the loading screen. The only way around the last one is the lock and unlock my phone. For everything else I don’t get the arena results and I can’t check view basic stats on anything. So please from an addict of the game/app; PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!! Ps: yea I uninstalled and reinstalled and I have a iPhone 7.


Was gain g lots of fun with the game for about 5 days now. All of a sudden, I can’t log in - the game is stuck at 50%. Unfortunately, this means all my login bonuses are reset. This is highly unfair and demotivating, so I think I’ll be deleting. Good luck!

Servers too Full...constantly.

Really enjoyed the game for a few days, but sadly the last day or so I have actually been able to get in. The server my character is on seems to constantly be so filled that I can't get in. I can create a new character on a different server, but I'm kinda scared to for fear I'll build that character all the way up just to not be able to access it like my first. 😢

Fun but broken

Can’t connect at all to a server. Stuck at 50% trying to even start the game. No matter what you do, it just won’t load past the title screen. Left it on for 2 hours while doing homework, still nothing. If you’re lucky, you might get in. Maybe a one in 1000 chance it’ll work fine. Even with the most recent update, they still haven’t fixed the logging in issue.

Was fun

After a few days of playing and having fun it stopped loading and has not loaded for several days now. Even spent money. I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it still won’t load.

Good but...

My game still freezes after loading to 37% or 50% and I love this game a lot... ive met many great guys... but tbh I can’t talk to them since after this recent server update it stops loading... hoping this gets fixed soon

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