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Won't load

After downloading I had to wait for a good 10 minutes or so for the game to load. Once it did, it asked me to select language. After I tapped it gave me a confirmation window where neither "yes" or "no" would work. No matter which one you tap (or both), nothing. Restarted app, same. Went to "contact us" in order to get help, same (unresponsive tap). App deleted. Save your time don't bother


All I ever wanted in a game is in here bara characters

Doesn't choose the language

When I get the popup screen that says "choose language" I chose English, but when I click on yes nothing happens! 😐 I was hoping to play this game and I don't know how

I Wish That They Had This

Can they add a place that online people can date not date the characters because they don’t talk to us at all make it boring wish that they have that place

Can't seem to get past the server selection screen

I've been trying to play this game and can't get past the server selection screen, I picked the server and managed to get to the language but when I do, it asks if I want to change the language. Either one that I click has no response. How do I fix this?

Won't work

After it takes 5 mins to load it won't even let me click the confirmation after you choose a language.

Great game

Great game I've played it in the past but I'm having trouble getting it to start after I got it again a few hrs ago .. it will only take me as far as the language choice then just stay on that screen after I select yes it's really annoying and kind of a bummer

Can be so much better.

So I really do enjoy this game, and it’s rare to find a game that’s catered exclusively to gay men (and hopefully to other members of the LGBT+ community in the future). It offers many activities for players to do such as playing dress-up with your avatar, forming battle teams, and socializing with other LGBT+ people. There’s a lot to keep your entertained and, as of playing a little over a week, the rewards help with progression instead of making things feel like slog unlike most games on the app market. Though beggars can’t be choosers, I think this app can be lightyears better if some issues were confronted. Especially those that really ruined some of the experience for me. The first being the many, many typos and grammatical errors that litter the game in the English version. It would be nice if the team hired someone who is much more knowledgeable and experienced in translating English. Also, please (please!) get someone to fix the placement of the English words in the text boxes. A lot of the words get cut in very awkward positions, making it difficult to read sentences. Keeping words intact in text boxes helps players read them better. Additionally, it would be very nice if you could hire a better writer. I don’t know if this is a problem specific to the English version because of the poor translation, but the dialogue is just so... cheesy, generic, and bland. There is no soul to them, and it negatively affects the enjoyability of the characters and story. This brings me to my second point, the voice acting. I will say that I’ve heard worse English dubs, but the character voices aren’t pleasant to listen to. The audio quality is unclear and sounds low quality, and it’s difficult to hear what they are saying. Also, sometimes the script the characters say is sometimes... embarrassing to listen to. Just like what I said previously, the dialogue/script needs to be written better because right now it’s not that great. Added to this, I think you need to get better voice actors. The current ones mumble A LOT. Which adds to them being hard to understand/hear. Third, the user interface of the game can be very irritating to use. One prominent example is selecting clothing and accessories for the fashion shows. It would be nice if players can see the stat types that each piece of clothing has without having to hold our finger on the item and waiting for it to pop open. It should be already displayed without doing that and organized in a table that makes it easy for players to read and know which clothing their avatars should put on. In addition to this, there should be a filter/sorting feature for shops in the game. Something that can allow players to sort items by price or rarity/stars, and something that can help players filter out items that need coins or diamonds to purchase. The UI is the biggest issue with the game I have because it’s not very streamlined and not very efficient. It requires a lot of tapping around to get to something when it could be done in less time. Fourth, I’m having a lot of issues with PvP/Arena right now. I can’t seem to find any players to fight against, and when I do the game tells me I can’t fight them because their ranking has changed or something. It practically makes Arena unplayable for me because the system is unable to match me with other players. Finally, one of your daily tasks asks players to share the game. I’m assuming this means sharing on social media. I think that should be changed because maybe some people who play your game are not comfortable sharing this app on social media where other people might see. Maybe some of your players would like to keep their sexualities their personal secret. It’s sad that we live in a world that makes people feel hesitant to come out and be proud of who they are, but I think it would be for the best if you don’t ask players to share their activities on this game. Despite the flaws, I’m still playing the game and look forward to seeing future updates and improvements.


Came across this app by accident and became completely engrossed in it. This game has so much in it, it’s unreal. You can fight, there’s storylines, you can model, you can customize your character, level up, fight other players, there’s events, you can put together teams, and even chat with other people. A perfect mobile gay game, 100% recommend.

Last update broke the game

I used to play this game several months ago. After one of the updates, the game refuses to let me continue past the language selection screen. I select English, but then can't hit yes, making me have to just close the app. I've deleted the game and even restored my phone. It still won't work.

Fun game but so little rewards

Game used to be really fun but the rewards in the game is so low now that many players don’t even bother to compete anymore. Considering pvp is more challenging and requiring more effort and resources to get top, the minimal reward compare to fashion is just unfair. I wish they could increase the arena tokens and diamond for first play as well as giving out universal fragments instead of Caesar only would make people want to compete harder.

Great, but the server needs to be improved

Its a fun game but like I said the server needs to be improved. My connection keeps getting timed out and then it happened at the worst when I decided to support the game and buy some gems. The purchase went through but I never got the gems.

Cool and all, but...

I've been trying to get the game to play for days, it lets me get as far as opening menu and when I select any language the app shuts down, this can be played on iPad 3 right?


used to enjoy the game but ever since the most recent patch I can’t open the game anymore. When I select a server it just had the loading circle come up, but it never loads.

Crashing on start

Been playing for months. Suddenly the game crashed everything I try to open the app. Rebooting doesn’t solve the problem

This game is super fun!

I just have a two complaints, so when I first started the game, I didn’t think much of choosing the type my person would be so I just chose attacker, but really I wish I had chosen Healer. If you could ever let us change our type at least once that would be helpful. Another thing is the text in the dialogue could be corrected so that the word doesn’t splice in half, but that’s super minor. Otherwise I love this game, and it’s Very addictive and fun!

Stuck on the loading screen

When I try loading the game it gets to stuck on the first screen and won’t load up and let me play is there a patch coming in a future update?

LOTS of room to improve...

First of all, let me say: the app is fun. With that out of the way, let me add this: - Translations are not that great, but not a big issue. - IT. WILL. DEPLETE. YOUR. BATTERY. (Big issue). - I personally have been experiencing repeated gear VERY. OFTEN. - You spend diamonds on gear that is sometimes too alike to other gear! - There are A LOT of game modes that are NOT even available to play yet! - Some unlockables are ASTRONOMICALLY expensive (like buddies’s alternative costumes, most of which are not even available yet). - LOTS of bugs! Some of which will boot you out of the app. - I have also been unable to chat at all. Do try it for yourself, but you’ve been warned...

Money guzzling waste

This app is horrible too many bugs and waste of my money. Spent over 100 dollars and didn’t get max.


I love this game and have enjoyed playing and I have went a while without playing it and not deleting it. But as the days passed, I decided to play again but it just stays on the opening screen and only says “Entering city of Gaydorado” and it hasn’t progressed. I dont wanna delete this and not sure if id have to start my game all over again! Please help me!!

Can’t translate my language yo English

Can’t translate Myanmar(Burmese) language to English and everyone gets mad when they can’t read what’s I’m saying. The translate should be as good as Google translate. And it’s not fair that we can’t use our asian language comparing to other asian countries. That is not appropriate. Please fix this and at least make our language be able to be translated to English so that everyone can understand!


Use this cheat code: 2166YY under invite to get unlimited gems. Enjoy!! 😘


I love this game SO much. I can’t even express how much I enjoy all the artwork and gameplay

The update broke my app

The new update won’t let me login

Updated the game

I just updated the game but try to play it. And it shows me ‘losing contact to Gaydorado please try again’ and tried it a couple of times and still not working.

Losing Contact???

Just did the update and every time to try to login all it say is “losing contact with Gaydorado”. I tired deleting the app and re-downloading it but I still get the same problem. I hope the problem resolves itself.

Failure to log in

After I updated, i cant log in the game. It is so disappointing.


It keeps logging off by its own. I cant play.

Very little control over terrible rpg battles

Newest update is going to include their first furry character and another fair-skinned character. A cast of 18 characters and none of them are darker than fair-skinned. They’d rather add fantasy creatures before making a character with more than the slightest tinge of melanin. Unbelievable The game is colorful and characters are fun to look at. It’s also a dress up game and character customization is always welcome. But at the same time it’s an automated RPG. This is where the real difficulty is. Your character AI is so atrocious that battles come down to luck and crossing your fingers. Of course you can make your characters stronger through upgrades but it is ALWAYS gated behind level restrictions etc. How to win faster? Spend money of course.


The art is good. The game is rated 17+, but there is nothing really explicit in it and the gameplay itself is like for 5 years old kids. One more “click this button and you finish the quest! Don’t forget to buy these blue crystals”.

It won't work

I opened it and it made me choose a language, but it wouldn't let me click anything

Not letting me in

The game starts up loads and when it gets to the language screen I press english and it freezes. I've tried everything to get it to work but it always freezes

Mobile phone fever is serious!

a 2D game, but it is very power-hungry, hope it optimize!

Glitch in the first few seconds

I would love to play the game, if only it would let me click "yes" to change my language settings. Devs help?

Just okay

Gaydorado is a fun game to pass the time. However, I was hoping for more from the story lines in this game. I feel like making an avatar of myself is pretty pointless if I don’t have any bearing on the story’s outcome. I wouldn’t mind that if the stories themselves were engaging, but I find them to be shallow at best and laughable at worst. Also, I wish there was a greater variety of body types for the buddies. Mostly full of beefy guys, which is great if that is what you’re into, but I would really like to see more.

A Pretty Great Gay Game

First, I would like to thank the developers for making a game based around homosexual characters and having the option to have your character be fully customizable. The gameplay certainly has a lot of variety, but there’s still some problems with the game. The first being that you’re stuck with the default character model; their hair and eyebrows being blonde as a Caucasian in my case. I’m not really able to customize my primp to have his own style of hair, colored hair, eyebrows, or even eyes. However, I still understand that the game is in development, but even with the game being for free and people being able to play the game, the developer still needs to keep an eye on the game and make sure it’s in a stable condition. The next problem is in regards to voice acting, which is actually a little cheesy when you touch your buddies in the honey menu, but then it takes a little bit of a nose dive after you win a battle in the combat stages. Sometimes a certain voice actor’s performance will be annoying upon multiple progressing through said stages and sometimes they won’t even show up after a certain victory. Speaking of problems relating to audio, the music. Now, the beginning music for the Hub world is nice and really sets the mood for your experience within the game, but when doing any other activity such as fashion or combat or even just going into a tailor, bar or club, the music is still the same! At least add a little bit of jazz in the bar or some techno at the club and whatever music that works in fashion events. Maybe even add a little Spanish guitar when in the Honey tab and some saxophone when touching your buddy. Almost forgot to mention: the sound effects during battle. Sometimes they’re sharp and clear like White Wolf’s attack, but then they’re...I dunno, generic like the player’s attack. Please spice it up in regards to their sound effects corresponding with the characters attacks. Also, and this is only a suggestion, add some background noise when entering certain areas. Like, at the bar and club, there’s gotta be other patrons aside from your character. Or even at the fashion show where there could be the muffled background noise of awaiting photographers. But please remember: Make sure that the background noise is only amplified when the music option for the player is turned off. If the music is turned on, then lower the volume of the background noise. And finally, the last problem that I’ve come into contact with the game is the loading times. Now, keep in mind, in game, they can be fairly brief depending on how long you’ve been playing, but even with this in mind, it shouldn’t have to take who knows how long for the game to load up when actually opening the app. Maybe the servers are going through maintenance right now. I dunno. Overall, this is still a really great game that has a lot of potential and appeal for those who are homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, or anyone in between to just pick up in the App Store and play. 4/5 Extra Notes: Another problem I’m seeing in regards to the game is the stories, which are okay, but they lack proper cohesion and logic to a degree. Plus, whenever a character does an action, it’s usually in parentheses instead of being performed, which in all fairness, might be because of the lack of images and animations for each character, but still. Also, if I’m gonna be honest, while there may be different races and such in the game, excluding the Latino character, that definitely needs to be added, there’s no different sexualities added such as bisexuality, lesbian, transgender, gender fluid, asexual, etc. and those really need to be added. Hell, with asexual as being the option, you can have some options be disabled such as the touch and intimacy in the honey tab. There needs to be variety regarding sexuality, not just have it all only revolve around a single sexuality.

Weird. Clunky. Poor English

I just don’t see what’s entertaining about this "game”

Game frozen

I just deleted the game. Can't log in for about 4 days now.

Great game

It sends a like a good interactive game.

Awesome game!

I love the game and the community is so friendly! I would give a 5 star review and I’ll change it to 5 star if the glitches are fixed. The goggles in fashion show are not purchasable and you guys are really missing out by not fixing all the club features. The fact that you have a club feature but none of it works is the most frustrating and disappointing part of the game. Despite that I still love the game and the art and the community. Please fix this awesome game!!

It’s okay needs more

The game is like a turn based card game that let you upgrade you characters look and strengths. Wish there was a way to start a new character or modify size or race because there are no Latino or Asian skin tones like mine. Also all the hair and beard options seem to cater to far skin. Despite this and the occasional bug when opening its fun and addictive collecting things to upgrade you character and teammates


Slightly buggy but nice to have a game geared toward gay men

Fun Time Killer


Cool (with suggestions)

This is a cool little game. It’s nice to finally have a game geared to our community. The art is gorgeous and the game play is fast and entertaining. Highly recommend it and congratulations on being a pioneer in this area. Just a couple of suggestions to the developers: 1) It would be nice to have more avatar options to accommodate different racial and ethnic options. (Some of us are Latino) 2) It would be great to get more avatar options to accommodate different ages and body types. (Some of us are older and bigger) 3) Would be great to be able to turn Facebook photos on and off when you don’t want other players to see your real face. 4) the translations on some portions of the game play need a lot of work. 5) Possibly include a portion of the “city” that lesbians or trans people can call their own. and have a club or park or chat where everyone can meet up and play together. 6) Teaming up to play with other players would be great. 7) A night time look / day time look to the city would be awesome. Just some ideas...and thanks

Fun Times!

After a couple months with Gaydorado, I’m hooked. Sure, it’s shallow and the battles are automated (meaning, up to RNG), which can be frustrating. But, you do get plenty of cash and gems each day to earn your outfits and levels. Keep up the good work, team!

Quick fixes are what the developing team knows!

So I have been playing this game for what I would remember as a couple of months now. I tried to log in today and was abruptly stopped in my tracks with the new user log in. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting my account which I linked up to my Facebook account. Still nothing. Then when I went in to just try making my character again name is taken... well duh it is my name. I have spent many hours on this game and within a flash it is all gone. I am hoping this is just a glitch in the newest update of the game but I still want my game back. Edit: Problem has been solved within the same day. I appreciate how fast the developing team works to make the experience of the players as enjoyable as it can be. Thank you for solving the issue.

Great customer service

I had error with the game login. The developers quickly addressed the problem. Thank you


I had such a fun time playing, but then it erased my entire game and tried to switch my server...doesn’t appear to have a function to get it all back...

I like the game, but...

All of a sudden, I’m asked to create a new character on the same server in which I already had a character on. I don’t understand... Looks like I’m going to have to delete the game. It doesn’t load up my other character for some reason and made me create a new character... Very disappointing considering I did spend some real money on this game.

I Lost My Whole Account

I’ve been playing this game for a month or two. I like it. However, tonight, I just lost everything. I don’t know what’s been going on with your servers, but my account is gone. Even logging in back using my Facebook account and logging into the same server as I always do, the game forced me to restarted my whole game. What the heck!?

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